Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The making of "Tsunami"/part 2.


At the beginning, I knew I will need a horizontal and long image for my cover. This main image should be the most important element in the book, and literally records the shocking scenes of the tsunami tragic. Then, here is the point: what kind of contents should I put in the book to correspond the cover? I think that human beings not only use scientific numbers to record disasters, but also, even more, with legends, myths and subtle traces in cultures. And if the cover of the book is sorrowful, can the interior of the book be something that cheering, for we people?

The first thing I thought of was the mermaid. In old myths, mermaids like to seduce exhausted sailers with their beautiful and exotic vocals. In a dark, foggy night, the ship is missing, and then follows the voice of mermaids to somewhere no one knows. The tales of mermaids are always related to their convincing voices. If we can have one mermaid as the coast line watcher, and can ask people to evacuate when disasters come, then no one will be killed. The mermaid here also put on the uniform of Japanese female tour guide. So the character can be more into Japanese cultural contexts.



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