Saturday, May 28, 2011

The making of "Tsunami"/part 1.


Tsunami is a book I made for my "Illustration Methods & Media" class. For the final project of this class, we were asked to make a book about "the history of something". I had one week, spring break, to figure out my concept for the project. 

It was a friday, I remember. I skipped my Illustration class cause the spring break was launching. I went home early and no one was in the apartment. The entire floor was so quiet. Sunlight fell down through the white curtains and the air felt so serene. I logged on my facebook and then found out the serenity actually came from the silent elegy for the tragedy happened on that day in Japan.


I was overwhelmed by the tsunami for the whole week. So I decided to make a book about "the history of tsunami". Well, the problem is "does tsunami has its own history?" When the ocean water shakes dramatically high because of earthquake, what is it doing is nothing but expressing itself. This natural phenomenon will only be called a "disaster" when it encounters human beings. And when people face disasters, they usually make records. Then I thought of the famous record about tsunami in art history: "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", a woodblock print by Japanese master Hokusai.


With the book, I want to create a conversation between Hokusai's work and mine. Using the tsunami incident happened in March. 2011 in Japan as my subject, I dragged out a space of time from Hokusai's tsunami. 



to be continued...

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