Thursday, April 26, 2012



I think it's my most successful survey ever!
thanks to the hot pink tape
(I think I made a right choice in dickblick)
and love the translucent memo tag and pushpin from MUJI, 
actually besides the divider in between the 2 walls
I have no complaint about the spot,
so hopefully next time I still have the luck. Let's pray.

Originally I wanted to make a zine of my illustration final
and show it at the survey.
However, due to the forwardness of the survey,
I didn't have time to pull it off,
and this is my only regret.
But will make it next week, and it will look cool I suppose.

And thanks to everyone who ever helped me, 
and discussed with me about my works,
I wouldn't make it without you.



  1. amazing work at survey! you could have had the worst spot on the floor and still it would look good!

  2. Ha I guess so , besides yours....juuuuust kidding!